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Twelfth Night

July 11-13 & July 17-20
7:oo PM
Stackhouse Pavilion
Tickets at the door!


A storm.  Tossed into the brine—twins:  Viola and Sebastian, neither knowing the other’s fate.  Brought ashore in Illyria, Viola disguises herself as Ceasario, a young gentleman.  Viola falls in love immediately with Duke Orsino, inspite of her male appearance.  The Duke is already infatuated with a wealthy lady—Olivia, who will not look on a man while she mourns the death of her brother and her father.
Duke Orsino foolishly sends Viola (Ceasario) to court Olivia on his behalf.  Olivia falls in love with Viola, thinking she is a he. Yikes.
Meanwhile, Viola’s twin brother Sebastian has landed in Illyria with shipmate Antonia. Antonia offers her purse to Sebastian, so he may buy something nice in Illyria. Antonia is secretly in love with Sebastian. And no one is aware that the twins are both in Illyria!

In the comedy seat are Shakespeare’s favorite characters!  Olivia’s house (in our play VW Van) is inhabited with her uncle, Sir Toby Belch—who is attempting to extort money for Olivia’s hand in marriage.  Sir Andrew Aguecheek—an older/richer gent—falls for Toby’s device.  Maria, Olivia’s maid, attempts to keep order in the house in spite of the drinking and late night parties.  Together they decide to play a trick on Malvolio, the butler and stoic of the house, making Malvolio believe Olivia (the mistress of the house) is in love with him!  Eventually Malvolio’s made a fool with his silly pursuit of Olivia—with his strange appearance in yellow stockings and cross gartered.

Feste the clown keeps the plot rolling with comedy and music. And as all Shakespeare’s comed ies, the couples fight, quarrel, reveal character, and are happily united at the end.  











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